Regimes despóticos

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A amizade e o amor são ambos despóticos nas suas exigências. O amor é um despotismo absoluto; a amizade um despotismo benevolente.

Felizmente, outros foram capazes de o dizer melhor do que eu:

The friend is similar to the lover in his recognition of his incompleteness and his need for exclusive attachment to another human being in order to attain fulfillment. Friendship, too, is imperious in its demands, but the experience of friendship is gentler, soberer, without frenzy. It, unlike love, is necessarily reciprocal. You can love without being loved in return, but you cannot be the friend of one who is not your friend. Friendship, which seems for a variety of reasons to be easier, is actually rarer. Its pleasures are wholly spiritual, and the self-overcomings required for it are not powered by bodily passions.

Allan Bloom, Love and Friendship

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